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Boost your business productivity with our Medford, Oregon answering service! We are available around the clock and at an unbeatable rate - which gives you more time to spend on essential tasks. Our services cover a broad spectrum of professional support so that operating your company is easier than ever before!


Our Answering Service in Medford boasts cutting-edge technology and expertise in delivering comprehensive messages, scheduling appointments, and on-call personnel paging. We are confident that all your calls will be connected proficiently with extraordinary customer service solutions answered quickly. You can trust our remarkably experienced staff to always provide the utmost level of reliability!


Our team is always available to help you with any urgent calls or message-taking during the day - no matter your communication needs. Let us support you by contacting us now and discovering more about what we can offer!

Straightforward pricing & stellar customer service.

At Cascade Answering Solutions, we are devoted to ensuring your customers receive the prompt and professional service they truly deserve! Our 24/7 answering services ensure businesses of all sizes can efficiently manage incoming calls from their customers. With our powerful suite of telephone, email, text messaging and VoIP solutions - backed by state-of-the-art technology that guarantees quick response times for even the busiest phone lines – you'll be able to offer an unparalleled experience for your customer base.


The team at our Medford call center is committed to providing exceptional customer service for all inbound calls, so you can be confident that no important communication will slip through the cracks. Our pricing structure does not include holiday fees, sales tax, or other service fees of any kind. You only pay for the time our operators spend on the phone, that's it!


At our Answering Service in Medford, we are devoted to providing world-class customer service with each and every interaction. 

Open 24/7
Our Medford Answering Service is open 24/7
U.S. Based
Our Medford Answering Service is located in Oregon
Friendly Operators
Our Medford call center agents are friendly and knowledgable
No Contracts
Our local answering service has no contracts

Answering Service

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Call our Medford Answering Service
Oregon landscape representing our local answering service

PNW Pride.

We love providing great service to our neighbors in the Pacific Northwest.


One of the many advantages of using a regional answering service when compared to large out-of-state call centers is that we can actually pronounce Washington and Oregon cities like Tualatin and Puyallup! Your callers will definitely appreciate that. (:

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The operators in our Medford, OR Call Center will ask your callers a specific set of questions, and then send it to you for a call back. Message sending options are email, text, fax, or online portal. You can even do multiple sending options!

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That's right! We can schedule your caller's appointments for you, letting your staff concentrate on other tasks. Simply provide us access to your online based scheduling system, provide basic info (the do's and don'ts), and we'll handle the rest!

Drawing of a Cascade Answering Solutions' Call Center Operator

Do you have employees that work out in the field, or that are on-call after hours? We can dispatch (or page) your on-call employees using our intelligent dispatching platform. Just send your monthly on-call schedule, and we will route qualifying calls accordingly.

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Does your business in Medford get a bunch of spam? We can filter out these calls for you. These types of calls are generally a lot shorter than legitimate customer service calls, so the cost for these types of calls will be pennies on the dollar.

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We can transfer (or patch) specific calls to specific people when necessary. For example, our Medford telephone answering service can act as a daytime switchboard, by transferring calls to various departments, and filtering out the calls you don't want.

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We're happy to answer questions! When your callers call in to our Medford Answering Service to ask a basic question about office hours, office contact info such as email or fax numbers, general questions, we can help! We won't take a message or transfer calls like this if it's something we can help with. 



Send us a message and we will get back to you asap! 

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