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Medical Answering Service

The modern healthcare industry is increasingly relying on medical answering services to ensure that patient inquiries and customer service needs are met in a timely and professional manner. Our medical answering service can help clinics, hospitals, doctor's offices, and other healthcare providers reduce their overhead costs while still providing the best possible care for their patients. With experienced operators available 24/7 to answer calls, you can be sure that no call will ever go unanswered.

Cascade Answering Solutions' medical answering service is an invaluable resource that can help medical groups and clinics of all sizes with their patient care needs. By utilizing the services of a professional medical answering service, you will be able to free up your staff and providers to focus on other important aspects of their practice while still providing the best possible patient experience. 

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Helping connect patients with their care team is one of our primary functions at Cascade Answering Solutions. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and can accept calls around the clock. You set the hours.

For example: during the day you can use our medical call center for overflow services allowing us to take messages from patients so their care team can call them back as soon as they are available. After-hours, we can page urgent calls to the on-call provider, and send non-urgent messages to the office to be called back during normal business hours.

An important benefit of using a medical answering service is that it ensures that all calls are HIPAA compliant. By having a HIPAA-compliant system in place, healthcare providers can be sure that any calls being made from our call center are secure and confidential at all times. HIPAA compliance also ensures that all information shared over the phone remains safe and secure so patients' private health records are never compromised or shared without permission.

Overall, our medical answering service can be an invaluable resource for any healthcare provider looking for reliable, efficient services designed specifically to meet their needs. Not only does our call center provide fast responses when needed but we also offer additional features such as privacy protection and appointment scheduling capabilities to ensure patients receive quality care in a timely manner. With these benefits in mind, it's clear why more hospitals and clinics are turning towards Cascade Answering Solutions as part of their standard operating procedures.

Paging Your On-Call Provider

With Cascade Answering Solutions - patients and medical personnel can easily and quickly contact the on-call provider when needed. This is done by our operators using an automated on-call dispatching system that provides patients and medical personnel with direct access to the doctor or specialist who is on call. Simply send us your monthly on-call schedule, and we'll handle the rest.

When utilizing our automated on-call dispatching system, we can upload multiple providers with multiple contact methods. And each provider can choose their preferred method of contact. Such contact methods include cell phone, home phone, digital/alpha pager, or our paging app.

Our automated on-call dispatching system also allows for escalation rules. For example, if on-call provider #1 does not answer after a certain number of attempts, the system will then prompt the operator to reach out to provider #2. There can be an unlimited number of backup personnel entered into the system. 

HIPAA Compliant Paging App

For on-call providers that prefer to receive patient info directly on their smart device vs. the old-fashioned phone call, our medical answering service's paging app is the way to go. Similar to receiving information via text, our paging app will appear to do the same thing, except it's secured with military-grade encryption and is 100% HIPAA compliant. Our paging app also has customizable ring tones, and they will be able to communicate securely with other providers in their group.

Let’s Work Together

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