Emergency Standby Service


Have you ever found yourself unable to answer your calls due to a power or internet outage, family emergency, natural disaster or a similar situation that was beyond your control? Perhaps you don't necessarily need a full time answering service, but you DO want piece of mind knowing that if you can't answer your calls for some reason, you have someone who can. 


Our Emergency Standby Services works like this: You sign up for a month-to-month answering service account that will be fully programmed the same way it would be programmed as if you were to use the account full time, and setup is typically completed same day depending on how quickly you can provide us with the necessary information needed for your account. We'll give you a forwarding number that will never change, and if you ever run into a situation where you need us to take your calls, you can immediately forward the lines to us without notice, and our operators will begin answering your calls based on the instructions you provided us during the account setup.



All of our answering service accounts function in the same way. The difference between a standby account and a normal account is the amount of use that it gets. Since you would only be using a standby account in emergency situations, our normal billing rates will only be applied during the month(s) that you use your account. During the months that you do not use your account, your monthly rate will be $15 to keep your account active and ready to use at any moment, 24/7. You can cancel your standby account at any time without fees or penalties. 

For existing clients that need to move their account to standby mode, just give us a call or submit a help-desk ticket.


Please contact a member of our team for more information or if you wish to get started.