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About Our Company

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Cascade Answering Solutions is a family-owned answering service that offers a variety of live telephone answering solutions to a diverse customer base nationwide with 100% in-house operators answering the phones (we do not outsource overseas). We can take messages, schedule appointments, process orders, and more. We also offer medical answering and dispatch services.

Cascade Answering Solutions offers a level of customer service that stands out among answering services. Our answering agents are highly trained professionals with experience in providing an exceptional customer experience. They take extra measures to address inquiries and answer questions thoroughly and accurately, ensuring each caller is respected and feels heard. Our team also takes the time to get to know your business and puts a personal touch into the work that sets us apart from other answering services.


Additionally, we use advanced technology to help ensure fast response times and allow for more efficient call-answering capabilities than you find with most answering services. Our 24/7 answering service provides reliable support around the clock, so businesses can rest assured knowing their customers will always have someone available to answer questions or take calls whenever they need them. And because we are smaller than other answering services, we don’t get bogged down by large call volumes which enables us to provide a higher quality of service to our clients.


We strive to make sure your callers have the same experience as if they were actually speaking with someone in your office - without waiting on hold for long periods or having noisy background sounds interrupt their conversations. With our personalized approach combined with attentive customer service, you can count on us for reliable answering services any time of day or night!

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Answering Services 24

Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year

- ALWAYS open. 
- Full time or overflow services
- Personalized answer phrases and/or recorded greetings
- ALWAYS live, US based operators 

- Optional custom hold music


Multiple Message Delivery Options


- Email delivery 
- SMS (Text) delivery 
- Fax delivery 
- Online Portal 


More Than Just Answering Calls


- Call patching (transferring)
- Appointment Scheduling
- Dispatching Service 
- Order Processing 
- Reservations 


Modern Equipment For

"Always On" Operations


- Fail-over power sources
- Hosted telephone switchboard services
- Redundant fail-over phone lines & internet capability
- Two physical locations where our operators answer calls, in

addition to remote capabilities if necessary

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Courteous and Professional

The team at Cascade Answering Solutions understands the value of providing excellent customer service, no matter if it is in person or over the phone. We recognize that we are not just answering random phone calls; we are acting as an extension of YOUR business. As such, your callers need to feel as though they are getting the same exact service as they would if they were speaking with a member of your staff.



Please contact a member of our team for more information.

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