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Property Management Answering Service

Cascade Answering Solutions provides a 24/7 answering service for property management. We currently answer calls for both large and small residential property management companies, commercial property management companies, resorts, homeowners associations, timeshares, and apartment buildings. We also book cabins and resort reservations.

Utilizing our property management answering service provides a valuable service to property owners and managers. By having our 24/7 telephone answering service in place, they can rest assured that their properties are taken care of no matter the time of day or night.

We can also process after-hour emergency calls so that residents and guests can get immediate help for urgent issues such as broken pipes, lockouts, inoperable HVAC systems, etc. Property managers can rely on our answering service staff to take detailed messages and alert the necessary parties quickly, helping to ensure that any potential safety issues are resolved without delay. Additionally, the availability of 24/7 call center support allows for more efficient customer satisfaction since customers don't need to wait for daytime hours for assistance. 

Here are a few things that our property management call center can do for you.

  • Page qualifying after-hour emergencies to an on-call staff member

  • Take non-urgent messages that are sent via email, fax, or text

  • Answer basic questions pertaining to office hours, office contact information, directions, etc.

  • Assist guests with check-in and check-out (in addition to providing lockbox or door codes, wifi passwords, etc.)

  • Page onsite or offsite security for disturbances 

  • Book reservations for rooms, cabins, etc.

  • We can also transfer qualifying calls to various staff members when necessary

Enhance your service capabilities.

Always Open

Regardless of what day or time, we are always open 365 days per year. We have backups for power, internet, and phone service to ensure that we can ALWAYS answer your calls, no matter what. 

After Hour Call Screening

Let your on-call staff members relax! We can page them for qualifying emergencies only (if you prefer). And for non-emergencies, we can send a message to the office so they can help the resident first thing in the morning.

Let your callers feel heard

If your callers are having trouble getting through to your office during business hours, let us help by using our overflow service! People don't like to sit on hold, they want to be heard, even if it's just to have us relay a message for them.

Here are some of the current answering protocols we have in place for a few of our property management answering service clients.

HOA Management, Florida -

This client has two busy locations in Southeast Florida that provide property management services to a large number of homeowners associations. Altogether, these HOAs cover about 30,000 homeowners. Our property management call center gets overflow calls during the day, and after hours we page qualifying emergencies to the appropriate on-call property managers. 

Resort/Timeshare, Florida -

This client operates a beachside resort in Southeast Florida, comprised of over 200 timeshare guest units. We answer calls for them after hours. We assist with late guest check-in, by verifying their reservation and providing the code to a lockbox that contains their room keys, and we also page maintenance emergencies and security for disturbances. If something is non-urgent, we send a message to the office via email and fax simultaneously.

100 + Unit Condo Complex, Washington - 

This condo complex utilizes our property management answering service as an "emergency line". After hours, if a guest is experiencing a maintenance emergency, they will call the number for us to page an on-call technician or maintenance supervisor. All callers with non-urgent matters are advised to call back during normal business hours so they can speak to the office directly.

Let’s Work Together

Send us a message and we will get back to you asap! Your information is secure, view our privacy policy.

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