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Law Firm Answering Service

Cascade Answering Solutions provides 24/7 answering services to many different law firms in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. When utilizing our law firm answering service, we can take messages, patch (transfer) calls through to attorneys and paralegals, schedule consultations, etc. A large number of the law firms that work with us specialize in personal injury and car accidents, but we can work with all attorneys and law firms that need a legal answering service, either 24/7 or part-time. 

Here's an example of some of our current clients.

  • Personal Injury Law (including car accidents)

  • Family Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Immigration Law

  • Bankruptcy Law

  • Business Law

  • Estate Planning

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Tax Attorneys

Again, these are just a few examples of the type of firms we work with, our legal answering service is 100% scalable and compatible with any type of law firm or attorney that needs help with their phone calls. 

Clients that utilize our service can completely customize the way we answer the phone, as well as the information we gather from callers. There are also many different ways we can route the call after it's complete, we'll go over those options with you.

Customizable Call Handling Options.

Daytime Overflow

Are you missing important calls during the day? When using a telephone answering service, you can program your calls to forward to us after a set number of rings, giving your team a chance to answer the phone first, but ensuring that each call is answered no matter what.

After Hour Lead Capture

Do you have someone to answer calls after you close for the day? If not, you might be missing out on a lot important opportunities and new business. Most prospective clients keep calling around until they find someone who can help them, regardless of what time of day it is. But we're open 24/7, so we got you covered.

24/7 Virtual Receptionist

Are you just starting out, or do you work alone? Offer the appearance of a fully staffed office by using our professional legal answering service. We'll answer the phones exactly the way you like, we'll send you important messages, and we can even schedule consultations between you and prospective new clients.

Here are some of the current answering protocols we have in place for a few of our clients.

Personal Injury Firm, Washington -

We answer calls for this client 24/7. During business hours, our legal call center gathers important information from the caller (such as name, number, reason for the call, case number if applicable), and then we attempt to transfer the call to the appropriate person or department. If for some reason they do not answer, we will send a detailed message for a callback via email. We also filter through spam/marketing calls in addition to cases that are out of their scope of practice, allowing the firm to concentrate on more important matters.

When the office is closed, we will usually take a message and send it to the office via email for a callback during normal business hours. However, if a new client calls in, we attempt to reach the on-call attorney to see if they can speak with the client.

Immigration Firm, Florida -

This client also has their phones forwarded to us 24/7. They provide us with access to their scheduler, so we can schedule all new clients with a free consultation at one of their 5 locations. For all other call types, we take a message for a callback. The message details include name, number, email address, and a detailed reason for the call.

Personal Injury Firm, Washington - 

One of the many personal injury firms we answer calls for. Our law firm answering service receives overflow calls for this client during business hours, and all of those calls are translated into a message that is sent to the office via fax. After hours, we take messages for most calls unless it is a new client, for those we page the on-call attorney. The information we gather from callers includes name, number, email, case number, date of loss, and a detailed reason for the call.

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